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Posted on 21 March 2016


If you buy a suit off the peg, you may not pay that much attention to the cloth used to make it.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is this common misconception that all fabrics used in suits are the same, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Mass-produced garments using cheaper fabrics which are less hardwearing and look shiny in the light often don’t even fit very well. Their higher quality counterparts will wear a lot better, last longer and generally look better, too. They will also have a smaller number of flaws.

Synthetic materials, like rayon and polyester, wear poorly and are cheap.

For woollen garments, quality may vary, with cheaper fibres making for a rather coarse end result. But wool can certainly keep the wearer comfortable, and it has the added advantage of repelling water and not wrinkling. Because it’s a natural fabric, this is another factor behind its popularity. Flannel, tweed and worsted are among the types of woollen suit more commonly found.

One of the better options is merino, a comfortable, soft wool which provides good insulation and is so durable it can often be machine washed.

Alternatively, if often more expensively, cashmere is softer than wool and a warm yet lightweight and stylish material that keeps the wearer cosy in cooler weather and cool when the mercury rises. Buy it on its own or as a blend, but bear in mind it can make a suit look quite shiny if you don’t take care.

Cotton is another option that’s great for warmer weather and is versatile, light and breathable, making it a lot more comfortable than many models made from synthetics.

Fabric quality depends on both the type of fibre used and the weave itself, so bear this in mind when buying your next suit.

And remember, the fabric from which your suit was made is just as important as the fit. Think about breathability, softness, comfort, shine and durability.

At Sterling Suits, we know a thing about fabric choice for the best bespoke suits as we use only the finest cloths in the world.

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