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Posted on 18 April 2016



When it comes to purchasing a luxury car, nothing but the best will suffice. It’s hard not to make the link between a quality car and a quality suit, both require exquisite craftsmanship, fine attention to detail and, most importantly, time. 

In a conversation with a luxury car dealer, deciding on the bespoke touches that will make a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Jaguar completely unique, time is everything. Would you recoil in horror if the salesmen told your order might take three months or more? Of course not. To achieve the best, you mustn't rush the experts.

The same can be said for a suit. At Sterling Suits, we pride ourselves on the exceptional care and attention we give every single garment. After you order a suit with us, you must expect to wait at least four to six weeks in order for us to achieve the finest cut.

When buying a luxury car, you’ll be asked a whole manner of questions in regards to trim, engine specifications, colour and finish. With your order in place, a team of craftsmen will get to work, to achieve your exacting tastes and realise your dream.

Buy a suit from Sterling Suits and you must expect the same level of service. Our high-end, extremely experienced tailors will dedicate hours to creating a suit with all the bespoke finishes you could ask for. 

Time is money, but with premium products like luxury cars and suits, money is time. The more you are prepared to spend on a product of the highest quality, the longer you should expect to wait for it. There is no space in the luxury goods market for cheap, off-the-shelf imitations. A fine suit is made to fit you perfectly, every cut and stitch considered with you in mind.

Just as a luxury car will cruise so smoothly you hardly feel it moving, so a top-end suit should go unnoticed - it should feel as though you aren’t even wearing it because it's so comfortable.

For a car to be proud of, visit your local car showroom, and for the finest tailoring, shop online with us or book an appointment. You won’t be disappointed. 

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