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Posted on 24 May 2016


To the uninitiated, suits are the formal attire for formal occasions, a description that doesn’t immediately suggest creativity. Yet this is, of course, nonsense. With a wide range of colours, fabrics, designs and accessories on offer, you can be as innovative with a suit as you can with any other type of clothing.

If you want to know how to be creative with your bespoke suits, here are a few insights to get your imagination whirring.

Breaking tradition

With a bit of imagination, traditional layouts can be mixed up to create a whole new image. For example, you could take a more conservative look and add double vents into the back, making it instantly more fashionable and modern.

Colours also offer the opportunity to spruce up an otherwise standard look. Even switching from black for a lighter tinge, such as dark grey or charcoal, can give off a completely different impression.

That’s a safe approach: if you’re feeling more daring, testing out more flamboyant colours, from electric blue to cream, can help you make a statement about the type of persona you wish to portray.

The extras

The suit itself isn’t the only area where you have the flexibility to play around. When it comes to your accessories - from hats to ties and cufflinks to knot designs - you have a lot of leeway to try out new things to see what works.

For instance, even the most conservative suit can appear a lot more fun and charismatic with the addition of a vivid bow tie, whereas a pair of engraved cufflinks adds a personal touch that gives the entire outfit more sentimental value.

Even once you’ve chosen the accessories themselves, there are various ways in which you can wear them. Ties are the perfect example of this, with all types of knots - from the full Windsor to the Merovingian - available at your discretion.

Golden rules

There are some golden rules which must be followed at all times. Ensure that sleeve cuffs are exposed, your tie should always be darker than your shirt, make sure the shoulders don’t stick out or up - these factors are non-negotiable.

For everything else, feel free to experiment and see what fits for you. After all, a lot of what works comes down to how confidently the wearer pulls it off.


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