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Posted on 08 December 2016

That isn't to say that a well-made suit is one that costs the earth. There are many nice suits out there that can get you looking great without the need to remortgage your house, and likewise some very expensive ones that look cheap. The main thing to look out for is whether they're well made - if they are, and they fit, then they'll last and look great.

Fused or canvas?

This is something of a classic, but it is an important one to know. A BAD suit is often fused - meaning that the inner fabric of the suit is glued in place as a process of its mass production - and a good one is canvassed, which means that the inner is stitched. A canvassed suit will adapt over time to the shape of your body, with the outer material hanging naturally, whereas a fused one is a stiff, awkward mess. To test this, compare the thickness of the sleeve to the fabric below the button hole - a canvas one should have a tangible inner layer.

Breathable cloth

Good suits should be made from breathable cloth, which will not overheat, wrinkle or become shiny. Check the label - you don't need to buy silk or cashmere, but polyester should be avoided. Suits with Polyester in the main fabric are not in the class of a well-made suit.

Washing durability

A well-made suit should not last for 6-12 mouths. Some suits companies offer "great cheap prices" for suits, but unfortunately, many of these are very poor fabric collections and are instructed using cheap and poor manufacturing process. After a period of washing the suits 3-4 times, the suits start to look like they are 100 years old. A good suit should last for as long as the wearer looks after them. 


A well-made suit will have craftsmanship detailing that shows the skill of the tailoring process. The suit will/can contain contrasting linings options, stitching choices, special buttons, wide/short lapel choices, and many other manual choices/special request to make the suit your own. 

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