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Posted on 19 October 2016


Tailoring is a simple way of making clothes more flattering. Your suit will fit their contours of your body perfectly, accentuating your best features while skimming over those you’d rather hide.

Alongside this unlimited personalisation, with tailormade fashion you can be far more creative.

The options for personalisation are almost endless – what’s more a tailored suit will last far longer than a tailor-made one.

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

• Don’t try and do too much at once

If you buy a whole custom-made wardrobe at once, the danger can be that your tastes, and fashion, change. So it’s much better to build up your collection of tailored clothes over time.

• Failing to understand real custom tailoring

Appreciate the difference between standard ready to wear and bespoke tailoring. A good custom item will take time unless great expense is forked out for fast production. Be wary of tailors promising producing items in 1-2 weeks, normally quality to forfeited somewhere in the production process. 

• Choosing too fancy too soon

Don’t be too driven by fashion at first – custom tailoring is built to last. Don’t make the mistake of NOT beginning with a couple of simple, timeless classic numbers.

• Shop around – take your time

It’s a mistake not to compare options for styles and different prices and cloths. This isn’t retail shopping, after all. You’re effectively commissioning a piece of tailored craftsmanship. Don’t settle for the lowest price, or, necessarily, the first tailor you come across.

However, it's important to stick with the most you're comfortable with, which can provide good service.

• Don’t settle for a single fitting

Custom tailored clothing may need altering several times to ensure a perfect fit. Attend as many fittings as are necessary. But be wary of tailors that require many fittings, as a well-done job does not require many alterations or fittings. A requirement for many fittings could be a sign about the skill level of the tailor. 

• Forgetting to upgrade accessories

Wear good leather shoes and belts, coats and shirts with your tailored suit to create an overall good look. It’s surprising how often this mistake is made when people order a custom suit.

Finally, obvious though it may sound, don’t forget to actually wear your suit once you’ve ordered and taken delivery of it. After all, it will have been tailored to last, not to be kept in a bag at the back of your wardrobe. Wear it regularly, maybe even on the odd occasion when a blazer and slacks would have sufficed.

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