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Posted on 03 November 2016


A woman who spots a man in a well-fitted suit will feel various things, and for various reasons.

Mostly, she will feel impressed. Impressed by the confidence and stability that a good suit projects, Pleased by the fact that someone has put the effort into looking good for their time with her, whether it’s a date, a business meeting, a job interview or any other kind of occasion.

Impressed that they have a flair for being well-dressed, a sense of style and a knack for choosing clothes that flatter. And reassured that they know what they are doing.

She’ll also feel impressed that, whatever the occasion, he’s taking it seriously. Impressed because a really well-fitted suit screams success.

When most women think of James Bond, for example, they think of him in a smart suit or dinner jacket, not scruffy jeans.

These things are backed by research studies, too. One a few years ago found that 91% of respondents believed that dressing sharply “could help a guy to look more attractive than he in fact is.” The same survey also found that over three-quarters of women thinking good dressing is “one of the sexiest things a man can do.“

Other studies have also shown that women just prefer a guy in a suit to jeans or other types of casual clothing.

That’s because the truth is a well-fitting suit just makes a guy look taller, leaner, fitter and their shoulders appear broader. (So, essentially, the result is a figure which is more masculine.) The reality is you don’t need a gym-honed body to look great in a well-tailored suit.
What’s more, because suits have a timeless, classic quality that never goes out of style and is so versatile, you can get a lot of mileage out of one garment.

So, make no mistake. If you want a woman to look at you twice, she’s far likelier to give you a second glance in a well-fitting suit (and wonder what’s going on underneath it) than just about anything else. 



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