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S SUITS  has a passion for quality and craftsmanship for all our products and services. We specialise in bringing modern bespoke tailoring online.

As a company, we believe in striving to be the best in what we do, keeping the customer at the focal part of our strategy at all times.

Why use our bespoke tailoring



Once you’ve selected us for our bespoke tailoring, you’re truly on your way to creating a suit that not only looks great on you but perfectly matches your personal requirements. With a fine regard for detail and a commitment to enabling you to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, we obtain over 20 specifications to ensure your garment provides the best possible fit, including body posture, height, and weight. Recording your measurements is easy: just follow our simple measuring guide video to create your unique individual profile.

After you submit your order, our team of experienced and accomplished tailor craftsmen will invest many hours analysing your details and cutting the fabric precisely to ensure that the suit or garment of your choice perfectly matches your body shape.


When you shop with us, you can enjoy the confidence that you’re purchasing the finest range of 100% wool or wool blend fabrics in the world, sourced from leading suppliers including Reda 1865, Scabal and Holland & Cherry. We believe in choice for the customer so we have an extensive range of fine fabrics available that are suitable for all types of clients and occasions. For customers who booking an appointment consultation, more fabric choices will be available. 



Our passion is for our customers to be able to feel in complete control of the design and manufacture of their garment. Therefore, all our clients are able to fully select from a wide range of bespoke options that will realise their desire for an individual style that is sophisticated and at the cutting edge of fashion.


Our bespoke suits are measured and constructed from scratch for your specific body type, taking into consideration your posture and shape. A bespoke suit should be able to offer you extensive finishing options because it has not been manufactured to a simple ‘ready to wear’ specification. Our craftsmen spend many hours analysing the customers’ sizing and specification to ensure the suits and garments are constructed and finished beautifully, to their specific requirements.

By incorporating time reduction techniques, made possible by harnessing the latest technology, we are able to offer custom garments in a time frame to suit you – in as little as four to eight weeks.

Recognising that the bespoke cutting of fabrics to our customers’ unique specifications takes the most time, we have invested in sophisticated modern technology to reduce the time involved and eliminate errors from the riskiest part of the process. For example, to reduce incidences of human error when cutting fabrics, we utilise precision cutting equipment to ensure our garments match the unique body specification of our customers. This is why we are able to offer delivery in only four to eight weeks, without compromising quality.

Designing and manufacturing bespoke suits is an art, so we ensure our craftsmen have the correct cutting specification to allow them to spend the rest of their time constructing and finishing the unique design of the suits and garments.

We don’t promise unrealistic delivery times like some online stores, because we use only the finest fabrics and achieving perfection still takes time.



High standard bespoke tailoring made in the EU.

As standard, we offer half canvas suit construction, with functional button holes on sleeves, on lapels and inside pockets.

Half canvas (standard)

Sterling suits only offer half canvas suits as the minimum. We only use the highest quality canvases that mould to the shape of your body and chest for the perfect fit. This is why we offer this style as standard.

Full floating canvas (optional)

We offer a full floating canvas which gives a slightly heavier feel and will mould and shape more effectively than a half canvas design. It takes a few more days to construct this and, as with our half canvases, we still only use the best materials available. This option costs an extra £125. We guarantee you will notice the difference.


We are dedicated to service and quality and, as we have greatly invested in the art of tailoring, we are confident all our suits will be made to fit comfortably. We do not produce suits with a very tight fit because these leave little room for flexibility and movement. 


At S SUITS, you have the opportunity to add a touch of class with our wide range of products. This might be our cashmere or cashmere blend coats and handmade Italian shoes. All of which will add a splash of sophistication to your outfit for that occasion when you need to stand out from the crowd.


If you are interested in our services please contact us direct at Service@sterlingsuits.com

STYLE CONSULTATION Including Wedding Bookings

 For special services regarding your personal style please contact us and book an appointment 




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